Data Entry – Typing Jobs and Data Entry, Are They Synonymous?

Most job providers are very good in understanding the complexity of the human psychology and for the purpose of soothing human vanity, to fluff the human ego a little bit and to transform a very boring job into a very interesting one employers use strategies such as using alternative and very ridiculously high sounding names to certain occupation. Examples are: sandwich artist, nail technician, pole technician (stripper) and others. I am not putting down these jobs but they do sound funny right? How about data entry provider is it another fancy name for a typing job? Are they the same?

What is a typing job? It is defined as a paid occupation that involves the production of hard copies or paper copies of academic and literary works, legal, medical, business and other types of documents by using a type writer or keyboard. One who does this line of work is called a typist or a keyboard operator.

What is data entry? It is a tool used in the field of data management which involves the completion of assigned tasks such data cleansing, document reformatting, data mining, image and textual document scanning and entry of text or numerical information in a data base according to a client’s instructions using a personal computer with an internet connection. The goal is the efficient care of business information needed in business operation, for future reference and others. It is based on a very broad body of knowledge such as basic computer knowledge and skills like typing, computer manipulations and programs. Knowledge in written English grammar is also needed because the job calls for accuracy, correctness and quality of soft documents loaded in a data base and the ability to use various search engines in researching topics of value to a client.

For short home based data entry work and typing work are two different jobs. Though they both use the basic fundamentals in typing documents data entry is far more complex because it is not limited to the production of hard copy documents only. Primarily the objective of this occupation is the care and efficient management of huge volume of information to pave way to smooth business operation.

You will make good money in data entry jobs. It is recession proof and is open to everybody. If you want to give this occupation your best shot you may search the internet for various web sites providing data entry programs where you will be allowed to work while on training. One of the widely known programs is the National Data Entry. For more information just browse their web site in the internet.

FTC Says it Uses Whois Data Base to Catch Criminals

The Federal Trade Commission is upset that the Whosis Data Base lock-outs for only $9.00 per year when websites renew their domain names is hurting their ability to track down criminals. The Federal Trade Commission claims it has used the Whois database to catch, convict and stop spammers, phishers and spyware culprits.

Unfortunately the Federal Trade Commission has also doctored up sworn declarations, lied in their own declarations under oath and filed these bogus cases with malice and misrepresentation in Federal Courts. (We have legal proof of that statement).

Nevertheless, the Federal Trade Commission contends that it needs this information to protect consumers? Although some say that the FTC has never protected consumers only put out public relations pieces that it has. In fact spam has went up since the FTC started going after spammers.

Recently in Federal Trade Commission stated in a ICANN conference in Morocco [yah, must be nice traveling on the taxpayers money!] that if they did not have use of the database they would not be able to catch spammers of Internet Fraudsters. Some people so distrust the Federal Trade Commission they actually have said that the FTC is the fraudulent group and the reason for the Spammers. Consider all this in 2006.

Your Questions Answered – Data Entry Jobs

I have received many questions and comments on my blog about getting a legitimate online data entry job. Many people are worried that they have never able to find a legitimate online data entry job. Other people now consider every next online job as a scam or a fraud, just because of their poor past experience. Similar is the case with hundreds of other people. If you are one of those, then please keep on reading the article. I will try my best to answer most of your questions.

First of all, the most important thing required in getting an online, home based job is motivation and devotion. If you have got an assignment to submit tomorrow, which you have still not started, or if you have loads of office work for tomorrow, then it’s better to do your work first before searching for any online job. In simple words, you should be relaxed and free to spend your time.

Now when you have enough free time to find a job for yourself, you should also be willing to do so. There is no doubt that finding an online data entry job is a hectic job and requires a lot of time and concentration. There are many fake and fraud companies out there, which just grab your money and run away. Here, one very important thing to notice is that whenever you get a phone call from any promotional company, make sure that the number is valid and legal. Many scammers dial with a fake number and never let you contact them back. So, you should be smart if you don’t want to get trapped by such scammers.

Secondly, you should make sure that the company you have applied for is legitimate enough and hold an online legal presence. Many companies have their websites on blogs, which are usually created free. Make sure that your company has a ‘.com’ website and it has a good daily traffic of visitors. The more and more people approach to a website, the more are the chances to get a legal data entry job.

Legitimate and legal data entry companies usually charge you either with PayPal or your credit card. If you find any company that asks you to pay via some other means, make sure it is a legal one. Some other methods of judging the company’s legitimacy is to search for its reviews and comments. Try contacting your friends and friends of friends who know about data entry jobs. The more your research, the better you will get! Best of luck!