FTC Says it Uses Whois Data Base to Catch Criminals

The Federal Trade Commission is upset that the Whosis Data Base lock-outs for only $9.00 per year when websites renew their domain names is hurting their ability to track down criminals. The Federal Trade Commission claims it has used the Whois database to catch, convict and stop spammers, phishers and spyware culprits.

Unfortunately the Federal Trade Commission has also doctored up sworn declarations, lied in their own declarations under oath and filed these bogus cases with malice and misrepresentation in Federal Courts. (We have legal proof of that statement).

Nevertheless, the Federal Trade Commission contends that it needs this information to protect consumers? Although some say that the FTC has never protected consumers only put out public relations pieces that it has. In fact spam has went up since the FTC started going after spammers.

Recently in Federal Trade Commission stated in a ICANN conference in Morocco [yah, must be nice traveling on the taxpayers money!] that if they did not have use of the database they would not be able to catch spammers of Internet Fraudsters. Some people so distrust the Federal Trade Commission they actually have said that the FTC is the fraudulent group and the reason for the Spammers. Consider all this in 2006.