Data Entry – Typing Jobs and Data Entry, Are They Synonymous?

Most job providers are very good in understanding the complexity of the human psychology and for the purpose of soothing human vanity, to fluff the human ego a little bit and to transform a very boring job into a very interesting one employers use strategies such as using alternative and very ridiculously high sounding names to certain occupation. Examples are: sandwich artist, nail technician, pole technician (stripper) and others. I am not putting down these jobs but they do sound funny right? How about data entry provider is it another fancy name for a typing job? Are they the same?

What is a typing job? It is defined as a paid occupation that involves the production of hard copies or paper copies of academic and literary works, legal, medical, business and other types of documents by using a type writer or keyboard. One who does this line of work is called a typist or a keyboard operator.

What is data entry? It is a tool used in the field of data management which involves the completion of assigned tasks such data cleansing, document reformatting, data mining, image and textual document scanning and entry of text or numerical information in a data base according to a client’s instructions using a personal computer with an internet connection. The goal is the efficient care of business information needed in business operation, for future reference and others. It is based on a very broad body of knowledge such as basic computer knowledge and skills like typing, computer manipulations and programs. Knowledge in written English grammar is also needed because the job calls for accuracy, correctness and quality of soft documents loaded in a data base and the ability to use various search engines in researching topics of value to a client.

For short home based data entry work and typing work are two different jobs. Though they both use the basic fundamentals in typing documents data entry is far more complex because it is not limited to the production of hard copy documents only. Primarily the objective of this occupation is the care and efficient management of huge volume of information to pave way to smooth business operation.

You will make good money in data entry jobs. It is recession proof and is open to everybody. If you want to give this occupation your best shot you may search the internet for various web sites providing data entry programs where you will be allowed to work while on training. One of the widely known programs is the National Data Entry. For more information just browse their web site in the internet.