Keeping it Legal – Privacy Policy & PCI Compliance

One of the most overlooked aspects of a website are the legal disclaimers such as the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. This article is designed to help you put together these important web documents to keep you in compliance with federal law as well as Google (and other Search Engine’s) best practices.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is extremely important. It details in writing how you collect, treat and use the information you receive from customers and those who visit your website. Not having a Privacy Policy affects your SEO rankings, and more importantly, it is required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for all online businesses located in the United States. Your privacy policy need to include the following element:

* How you collect information from the visitors of your website and customers
* You must describe details of what information you collected from your visitors ad customers
* You must convey and explain what you do with all that information. How it is stored and the location of the storage.
* You must give instructions for how visitors or customers can change or remove the information.
* Disclosure of other parties you would share information with.

The Better Business Bureau has a sample policy which can be found here:

PCI Standards

If your website is an E-Commerce website or you allow you clients or customers to pay by credit card, you must also comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. (Please visit: ) Failure to comply with the standards can result in fines up to $500,000 per incident or possible cancellation of your merchant credit card processing account. While all businesses must follow these standards, if you make fewer than 20,000 transactions per year, validating (i.e. proving) your compliance is optional.

The PCI standards require your business to do the following:

* Protect data that is stored with you.
* Implement security systems and applications such as firewalls and antivirus software.
* Have a firewall at all times to protect data
* Use anti -virus software and have it updated regularly
* Have your own unique system and security passwords
* Encrypt transmission of cardholder data and other sensitive data across all public networks
* Restrict employee business access to data based on the needs and job description of your employees
* Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data
* Maintain an information security policy

Data Entry Jobs – Earn Tips to Earn Good Results

Looking for genuine data entry jobs needs a lot of patience, effort and careful research but once you discover it, it is worth the time and effort you exert for it. Any type of home based job, you must pick something that fits with your skills and abilities. There are lots of guidelines in order to a pleasing result. For instance, legal data entry jobs are provided by some legal companies. Select the jobs and companies that will pay you without a hindrance once you have finished doing the job. In addition, in earning your intended amount, you must be able accomplish the work in the said deadline. Plan for your goal and decide on how to attain it.

Another thing that you have to consider in looking for legal data entry jobs is the right attitude towards work. You must be industrious in picking the company that could provide work for you. Many companies nowadays are hiring employees who can do work at home because in outsourcing works they could save some as compare to hiring people to work in a regular office. It will depend on the job hunter if the company offering jobs are legitimate or not. There are some victims of scams and frauds that after they wasted their time and effort for a certain job, they tend to be depressed and stop looking for a new one. When you experience the same problem, do not be afraid to try something new. Do not lose hope for sooner or later, you will be able to find one.

In choosing the right job for you, you must accept certain jobs or projects that match your skills and experiences. Do not accept projects that you do not really understand. Your credibility and image are all at stake in every work you have done. You should prove them your reliability and dependability as a service provider. It is a nice thing if the company admires you for the quality of work.

When trying to enter the internet world of data entry, you want to earn big as soon as possible. However, do not rush into things without planning it carefully. Plan thoroughly you work and the time of work in advance so that you could do it smoothly. Submitting projects that you finished is as significant as the finding a project in the first place. Decide on the things you should prioritize and set a work schedule that will you could accomplish all quickly and smoothly.

In beginning a job, a common mistake a lot of people commit is that they all accept all projects being offered without being thinking if they could do that simultaneously. Do not accept projects that you are not sure if you could finish it on the given deadline. Time management is also important so as to attend to all of the things you need to do. If your job is time consuming and takes a lot of focus, do not accept an additional one. Remember that your image as service provider will reflect on the quality of work. Late submission will only mean that you failed in terms of reliability.

Online Data Entry Jobs – Top 4 Legitimate Home Based Data Entry Jobs

Choosing the type of data entry jobs online you prefer is only limited by the experience and skills you have, and the type of work you enjoy. There are many legitimate home based data entry jobs to choose from. You can concentrate on transcription of materials from legal or medical environments. You can transcribe interviews, author’s notes or other audio or video tapes to the written form. If you prefer secretarial duties, you can take dictation, compose and type letters and other formal communication. Many companies have comprehensive database records for employees, customers or inventory purposes. Keeping track of changes to the records can be a great job for a detail oriented person.


Transcription work of various types is one of the more common online data entry jobs available. Audio files can be delivered to the home worker by various methods online. MPG files is just one example. The worker then listens to short bursts of the audio file and transfers the spoken word to the document. The completed document is then faxed, emailed or mailed back to the originator. This type of system works well for medical transcription, legal transcription, interviews, general dictation, notes for research or other work. Some types of transcription may require additional training in terminology.


Standard secretarial work can be contracted to workers willing to do online data entry jobs. This type of legitimate home based data entry jobs includes composing, typing, formatting and mailing (emailing) letters and memos from standardized forms or from audio files sent by the client. Experience as a secretary in a real-time office will be helpful in this type of data entry job, but not always required. Some secretarial work even involves contacting potential customers and setting up appointments, then tracking the results of the appointment. It is more common to use secretarial online services than some of the other types of online data entry.

Data Base Management

Online data entry jobs in the field of data base management are numerous and growing steadily. These are often routine tasks that do not require significant training. The training that is required can be completed through an online manual or emailed instructions. Accuracy is critical, as in any type of contract work. Such work is found through posting sites found on the internet, or by contacting a company directly. More and more large organizations are posting jobs of all types on the internet. Brokers often collect many clients looking for contract labor and then subcontract data entry work to others.


Bookkeeping and accounting jobs are often found as online data entry jobs. Sometimes these jobs require a higher level of knowledge than the beginner will typically understand, but since many accounting software systems are highly automated nowadays, it is likely that parts of such jobs can be contracted out to home workers. Accuracy is always critical, but when it comes to tracking expenses for the company, there is no such thing as being too careful. Other data entry work opportunities will undoubtedly be developed as the online work concept becomes more widely known and more commonplace.