Each of us has some problems and each of us finds a solution to solve own problems in a different way, some are consulting with friends, some are focusing on work, and someone just forgets about it and moves on. But there are people who find a solution to their problems by being violent to others. Violence does not solve anything, life problems, or disagreements with others that you can always solve by talking. When people forget that everything can be solved by talk, then it often comes to a physical conflict which can lead to much bigger problems, and that is aggravated assault. First of all, let’s see what aggravated assault is, and also what is the difference between simple and aggravated assault.

Aggravated assault is the intent to cause serious bodily injuries to someone else purposely, recklessly or knowingly with a deadly weapon (guns, knives etc.) no mattering for the life of the victim. Not only guns and knives are deadly weapons, other instruments also can be included which may not be in some usual circumstances. That can be, for example, butter knife, which may not be a deadly weapon in normal situations. Something that is opposite from aggravated assault is simple assault. Simple assault is an attempt to inflict injury on another individual. More specifically, this implies assault without striking, touching or doing bodily harm to someone else.

But even then it can be characterized as an aggravated assault in some cases, which can be an attempt to hurt a pregnant woman, a police officer on duty etc.

Penalties for AA

Penalties for this kind of crime aren’t equal in all parts of the USA, in some states it will be categorized as a felony, and in some states will be categorized as misdemeanors. For example, somewhere you can get from 4 months up to 1 year in prison and fine up to $500. You can get for the same offense in another state up to 15 years in jail and fine up to 10.000 dollars. Some of the best assault defenses come from the states that are rigorous, like it is for aggravated assault in Texas. Punishment depends on body injuries that victims got during the commission of the offense. Except fines and jail, there are different ways offender may be punished. Some of them are mandatory anger management classes, probation and electronic monitoring, losing the right to possess a firearm or any kind of weapon etc. In some states, for example, California, you laws so-called “three-strikes laws”. This kind of law means that if you have the third strike aggravated assault you can spend the lifetime in jail. Find here more information about this topic.

Once again we will say, violence can’t fix anything, and even you can get more troubles in your life, especially if your mistake is categorized as a felony. You will hardly find a job because no one wants to have employees with violent past. An offender can also lose his/her rights to vote or serve on a jury for a lot of years (in some cases forever).


When we look at the statistics from 2017, the most cases of aggravated assaults we have in the District of Columbia. The state with at least aggravated assaults is – Maine. Statistics from the previous years, says that violence with aggravated assaults is on the rise in the past 6 years. In 2010 States had more than 781 000 reported cases and in 2018 that number is much higher -more than 803 000.

The most used weapon in this kind of offense is a firearm – we have up to 190 000 cases. On the second place is a personal weapon – about 185 000 cases and in the third place are knives and cutting instruments – about 130 thousand.

Most of the victims, more precisely, 54 percent of the aggravated assault victims of juvenile offenders were younger than 18 years.

How much violence we have on television, on streets, all across the world, these statistics are not surprising. Every day you can see on television or read in newspapers that some expert has a solution for every kind of violence, but do we have some results? The answer is – definitely not. Nothing is going to change if we don’t change ourselves. Never use violence as a solution for any problem! Remind every day yourself and people in your environment that solution for everything is a compromise.