One challenge faced by persons shopping for a new or replacement mattress, according to the article linked here, is to find the best possible mattress for the available money. While everyone wants maximum comfort and support to get the best possible sleeping experience, the fact is that the best mattresses price out at around $5000. Even the “mid-range” mattresses can prove to be quite pricey for families on a budget.

Budget Shopping

Two factors dictate the kind of money that will have to be spent on a mattress: available budget and medical need. Anyone who has suffered a back injury or has developed chronic spinal problems cannot really afford to skimp on necessary expense. A cheap mattress for someone with back problems will almost certainly make those problems far worse over time.

However, for those who don’t need to first consult with medical professionals before making a purchase and are limited as far as money goes, there are a number of low-budget options available. This can even go down as far as picking up mattresses for around $100 off of websites such as Craigslist or from Goodwill or a thrift store. Of course, these are pretty much a crapshoot: the mattress is a giveaway, to begin with and its quality cannot be guaranteed.

Mattresses from these sources will have to be thoroughly be cleaned and possibly treated with disinfectant and sprayed for bedbugs and other tiny critters that might have taken up lodging. They are also not going to be in factory condition and therefore may not provide the best support or comfort that a brand-new mattress offers. Family hand-me-downs are better regarding cost in that they will be free, but the same conditions of questionable quality still apply even to these.

For those will some cash on hand, good mattresses can be had for around $100 to $700. These will not have the same quality or durability of higher-end mattresses, nor will they have long-term warranties, so expect to have to replace one of these after a scant few years. However, they are far better than thrift-store or Craigslist selections, have memory foam layers, and will prove quite serviceable.

For those that can afford them, mid-range mattresses pricing for $700 to $1800 offers a far wider selection of choices. These include mattresses with multiple layers and hybrid configurations providing very good and durable comfort and support.