Australia has a unique climate that can rapidly go from extremely hot to uncomfortably cold. Winds can make any weather extreme worse, and both flooding and drought happen over time. Though everyone loves a wood fire, not all areas of Australia have a ready, affordable wood supply. Australians have discovered they can have the convenience of gas heat with the ambiance of a wood fire. Not only that, but these gas log fire heaters are australian made.

Why Search For Made In Australia Heating Solutions?

Because Australia has a unique climate, residents need local heating companies used to dealing with those climate conditions. Also, local companies are best when problems happen and the heating equipment needs repairs. Companies such as Illusion Gas Log Fires are located in Australia and have locations throughout the country. This particular company has eight stores and one service department. Store locations include Perth, Hobart, Ballarat, Adelaide, Launceston, Geelong, Epping, and Dandenong. So, they have locations reasonably near almost everyone.

Since they offer the standard gas heater equipment that will run on natural gas or LP gas, those units are viable home heating sources. The advantage of gas log fires is that they have the standard fire box with gas jets but are covered by attractive ceramic logs so they look like a wood fire. If people want a more contemporary look, they also have gas heaters with pebbles covering the jets.

Advantages Of Gas Log Heaters

Gas log fire heaters come with instruction videos and instruction pamphlets for the professional heating installer to use. These heaters come with warranties that require they be installed and operated in accordance with these instructions and directions. The firebox is warrantied for ten years, and other components are also warranted. Parts that wear out or break can be replaced at the service center or the location where the unit was purchased.

There are a lot of models to choose from so a person can get the size and style they need. The gas log fire units come as inbuilt units that look more like modern fireplaces or they can come as freestanding units. The ceramic logs come in either seven or eleven piece sets. These units can be manually operated or they can be operated with a remote control. Get more information at the website.